Tips to make the painted nails dry faster



You do not want to break the beautiful nails that you used a lot of time to pain by the stupid mistakes as scratched peelings when you inadvertently touch on the arms or legs during they are still wet. The following tips will help you have a faster drying time for painted nail.

Blowing or using fan

In the nail salon, the workers often turn on a fan to make the painting fast drying.  You can use this method or using a hair dryer in the cold mode to desiccate.

Steeping it in the frozen water

nail polish-1343

The cold level of ice will make the paint harden, so the manner soaks the nails in the big basin frozen water that is extremely useful tips to help you save time. You just prepare a big basin of water and drop some ices there...

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Stronger Hair Within 10 Days


Women, we always dream of a healthy and smoothly shiny hair. The famous Germany reporter Nazan Eckes possesses such hair which leads many women jealous. In this article, Nazan Eckes is going to share her own secret methods of creating a beautiful hair within 10 days.

Bear in mind this mechanism “the less attempted it is, the much more efficient it could be”. Nazan Eceks already participated in the 10- day challenging program with Pantene Pro-V and she was persuaded by the result.  Her very first advice is “let try and feel it”. Whatever your hair is yellow or black, curvy or straight, its structure, its quantity, and its thickness or sparseness, in overall, it is distributed by the gene...

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Tips To Straighten Hair Without Using Devices Or Beauty Salons

Hair Straightened

Hair StraightenedStraightening hair frequently with improper techniques and harsh chemical processes cause hair weakness and hair loss problem.

Today, you easily possess a beautiful hair without taking a care in the beauty salons or using the chemicals. With cheap materials available in the chicken, your hair completely can be straightened in line easily.


Let’s take little celeries and put water into a blender, then ground it soft and smooth, filter it to take the first water. Then, let’s pour the water into a sprayer, spray lightly onto the hair, then keep them within 15 to 20 minutes, last wash cleanly the hair. So, you have a level hair like getting a beauty salon care.

Straightening hair

Vodka wine

Prestigious receip of Eva Herzigova uses vodka wine to dye hair, besides the vodka wine also brings the most nat...

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How To Create A Beautiful And Simple Wavy Hair With The Hair Dryer

Hair Straightened

How to create a beautiful and simple wavy with the hair dryer: Just use the dryer or hair styling machine, within less than 10 minutes you have such a beautiful wavy hair.

Hair DryerBeing inspired by the Beachy style, this type of curly hair is also the favorite choice of women because of its elegance and femininity. Some girls do not like too curly hair, they just like gentle and feminine wavy hair without making style or taking care of too sophisticatedly. Therefore, this hairstyle is also one of the hot hair styles. It looks simple, natural, and easy to combine and especially, you can make it by yourselves with a hair dryer. Let read the following instructions to consult:

feminine wavy hair

This is the hot tendency of women, this hairstyle does not need to spend too much time on nourishing hair but you still own a...

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Hair Care Tips For Hair Straightened Should Not Be Ignored

Hair Straightened

Hair StraightenedHair straightening method is quite a popular style, as the results, taking care of straightened hair is also necessary. This helps your hair become silkier and smoother impressively as you have just straightened.
Learn about the process of hair straightening in order to take care of hair straightened:
Hair straightening is the process of breaking the link S-Bond on the hair structure. These links are rearranged, parallel by the straightener and hair straightening chemicals.
Hair StraightenedNormally, depending on the different types of chemical, the time to straighten and the levels of straightness are also various. The professional hair stylists will have own tricks to improve your hair. However, durable and beautiful hair mostly depends on how you take care of it after straightening.
With modern technolo...

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How to make curly hair at home with just 30 minutes

curly hair

Go go to the hair salon. Now you can fully understand how to make curly hair at home with just 30 minutes.

HairHair beauty needs any individual, both the men and women you have that need. But most of you men feel reluctant to step into the salon, while the girls are too much work to do. So if you know how to make curly hair at home just 30 minutes, it will not be your problem anymore.

How to make curly hair is particularly suitable for the guys, you just spend 30 minutes to get the desired curly hair then.

curly hairFirst, you need to go straight hair and want to check out the curly hair before. Do not “greedy” in each curly you then, select the sections do not take too much moderate curls. Then, wrap hair around selected and used pencil tied chun. After about 5 minutes, you use the spray for styling an...

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Create Income for Life with Skinny Body Care


At Skinny Body Care, our Independent Distributors are the driving force behind our success. That’s why we reward you with the most generous compensation program in the industry. With Skinny Body Care, you can earn income 8 different ways!

8 Ways to get paid

Each product package is given a Business Volume (BV) amount. All percentages paid out in the compensation plan are based on that Business Volume (BV).

1. Training Bonus

Imagine being able to earn a commission before you even enroll a single person into your business. With the Skinny Body Care Training Bonus, once you join, you can start to earn money just by getting trained...

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